A view on research in mathematics education in Republic of Srpska during 2010--2015 through quantitative analysis of published texts
Ryan Andrew Nivens and Daniel A. Romano


Studies of the publishing practices in mathematics education have situated sets of journals in tiers of quality. These reports document the rankings and prestige of only a subset of the wealth of journals available for publishing in mathematics education. We posit that there is value, quality, and purpose to be found in journals that present studies that are of value on a regional level, and that the studies are extremely important to the field. This is particularly important for journals published in languages other than English, and the studies referenced above are almost entirely English-language journals. In this paper we seek to demonstrate that we as a field of researchers cannot discount the value and role of these regional and small-country journals. Using a case study of one small European country, we quantitatively present the areas of strength and weakness in the publishing practices in mathematics education journals that are unlikely to be seen beyond the region of their publication. We conclude with recommendations to publish in areas where research is lacking as well as recommendations to the community at large to recognize the value of such outlets.

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Keywords: Academic journals; Publication analysis; Publishing; Researchers; Scientific journals

Pages:  1$-$12     

Volume  XX ,  Issue  1 ,  2017